Beginning in Fall 2013, VCSU students will utilize myeFolio to create their portfolios. This web-based system will assist in organizing and selecting course projects for inclusion in the portfolio.

The Student Help Documents outline the steps students will need to complete while at VCSU to build their electronic portfolios to meet graduation requirements and facilitate university assessment.
Student Help Documents
1. Create an account
1a. Join group for your major
2. Upload project files and create a CAP Evidence form for each course
2a. Link files from OneDrive to MyeFolio (as needed for larger files)
2b. Add other content and build your portfolio
2c. Video tutorials available
3. Drag CAP Evidence forms and other content to pages
4. Share your portfolio with others
a. Make your site public (Step 6 in link above)
5. Complete the Senior Graduation Capstone Questionnaire during your final semester at VCSU
Faculty Help Documents